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It's someones birthday somewhere!

The Birthday Card Club

      It started with Santa Loves Seniors and all the faces who were so excited to receive what may be their only gift that year. How thankful they were to us and the community that came together for them. We knew that our community still had love to give throughout the year so we started the Birthday Card Club.

      The idea was to meet once a month or every other month to create cards together so that the Love Is... team could mail or pass out these  handmade treasures to our local senior citizens. With COVID-19 that is currently on pause but we are still collecting and quarantining cards to be sent out at the appropriate times to our seniors who vary in age from their 50's to 100+

What To Do?

1. Make a Card! Handmade is always the best. You can make as many as you feel comfortable with. First Names are fine but please no personal information we would like to maintain the safety of our volunteers and our seniors

2. Mark Your Calendar. We send out our cards the last week before the next month. If you have a month specific card please make sure it is in before the 28th of the month.

3. Mail it to P.O. Box 1893, Vallejo, CA 94590

We Will Take it From Here!

4. Optionally: Sign up Here; To receive emails and updates about this particular program.

If you have any questions about this rewarding club please don't hesitate to reach out to Lynn at

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