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Donation Wishlist

We are so grateful for all of our elves working hard to provide a holiday gift for our seniors. This is a project of love and we appreciate our community for all that you do to provide us the ability to continue doing this every year.

For those of you who would like to donate a little more we are often looking for.

  1. Wrapping Paper

  2. Gift Bags

  3. Gift Boxes (large ones preferable)

  4. Tape and Tape. Dispensers

  5. Large 25+ Storage Bins

  6. Blankets

  7. Slippers

  8. Gift Cards (Ross, Target, Walmart, Grocery Outtlet.


    Santa Loves Seniors is the foundation of what Love Is... was built on. This 'Adopt-a-Grandparent' style program is held around the holidays for local, isolated seniors in the North Bay, CA. Community members and businesses either adopt individuals or entire homes. In 2017, our first year, over 200 senior citizens received gifts. In some cases we were even able to throw a small party with singing, dancing, and snacks for the seniors. Each year after it has gotten better and better. We have all of what wee presented that first year and more. There is so much love in the room it's hard to leave.

Be An Elf

You can become an elf by filling out or application.

Sign up a Senior

Be someones Secret Santa and introduce us to a senior.

During Santa Loves Seniors we love to call our volunteers elves. And believe that just like real elves, ours are busy. We have plenty of ways for people to help out that you can check out below and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.


This year is going to look a lot different from our previous years. We are being far more cautious with the community and our seniors. In order to maintain the safety of the public we will require all volunteers to show proof of vaccination OR a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arriving for volunteering. Please keep in mind that those highlighted in red will be unavailable to volunteer as this year but please help us remind our local seniors that we are still here for them!

Gift Elves: These are the elves who adopt a senior (or seniors). They will pick their senior in November and drop off or schedule a pick up of the gifts before or during the wrapping party.

Craft Elves: Make a special card for our Seniors, or a placemat, ornament, a wreath! Handmade is always the best and we can't wait to see the smiles on their faces when they see the outpouring of love from their community. Please no personal information in the card but a sweet message is always welcome!

Wrapping Elves: Every year we host a Wrapping Party where Wrapping Elves gather with the rest of the Love Is... team and bounce along to Christmas music while we wrap and sort through all the presents in preparation for delivery day.

Delivery Elves: These are the Elves who are involved in our festivities on delivery day. They help us bring in the gifts and pass them out with smiles and laughs. These elves spend time at each home talking to the seniors and making the time we spend there special.

Cookie Elves: Our seniors love homemade cookies, you do need to turn the recipe into us and we promise not to give away any secret recipes. Elf's honor! Package your delightful treats, sugar-free welcome too.


Singing Elves: Accompanying the Delivery Elves, our Singing Elves meet prior to delivery dates to practice singing some of the old classics in preparation for bringing merriment and cheer in a way that only they know how. Children have a lot of fun participating in this portion and our senior love to listen and join in.


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