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"Volunteers may not always have the time but they have the heart."

Without the support of our community none of this would be possible. We are doing this for people like you. Just as our mission statement says we are here to inspire community and see a little bit more good in the world.  Since we are still very young we don't have many volunteer opportunities open until one of our programs is in season. But there are always other ways to give back.

Once Upon a Prom takes place in the late winter, early spring

Santa Loves Seniors begins planning at the beginning of fall until December 25.


If you click below then you can make a monetary donation directly to us via PayPal. All donations go to our programs and the people they assist.


If you are a lover of Amazon like we are than you are going to love this! If you follow the link below and select Love Is... than every purchase you make for yourself through Amazon Smile will donate a small percentage to us.

You're only shopping for you when you want to but you'll be giving back at the same time! Click the Heart!


If you are looking to sponsor us or help out in a larger way please email our President Lynn at the email below.

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